About Us


we are?

Chatzy was founded in 2021 by an entrepreneur in India who have a passion for meeting new people, making friends, and building relationships both online and in person. Chatzy is committed to becoming the number one chat room in India providing exclusive features to our members and helps connect with new people in your interest – talk to strangers!


we do?

Chatzy offers users throughout the country a chance
to experience a world-class chat room that promotes:

Amazing Features

Register for free and you will have unlimited chats, emojis, paintings, fonts, and colors to share with strangers. Play games and quizzes without noticing the time going by. Post news, articles, and have access to YouTube as well!


You will find a good mix of genders when talking through online chat rooms. Our advanced software enables users to hang out with various people in gender, location, and interest.

No Bots

With our advanced monitoring and quality chat administration, only genuine users are in the community.

No Abuse

Users who act indecent, vulgar, or abusive are banned permanently.

Chatzy is currently being offered free of charge in india for a limited time.
Register today and get the latest updates as we get new features in.